Donate Educational Material to Orphan Students

In our working area many Orphan Children are found. The problem of orphan children is acute due to urbanization and industrialization. Due to the deaths of HIV/AIDS affected persons, Re-marriage of deserted/widowed/ divorce women, absence of love and security, Unwanted pregnancy of Trafficking/ Sexually exploited girls; these orphan children are left without care and support. These children are involved in rag picking, pit pocketing and participating in anti social, criminal activities. Therefore, we have admitted them in Orphanages. The orphanages are providing shelter, food & sending to nearby government schools. But they lack educational material for study. We would like to support them with your kind financial assistance. Government is providing Text Books and Note Books Only. They are in need of School bag, Geometric box, Slate, Scale, Writing pad, Pens, Pencils, Sharpeners, and Erasers etc. Hence, there is a need of distribution of educational Material kit to deprived girls to study on par with other students.

Distribute Educational Material kit to 1 Orphan Student

Distribute Educational Material kit to 2 Orphan Students

Distribute Educational Material kit to 5 Orphan Students